Friday, June 03, 2011

Book Reading!

What: I'll be reading from my memoir My Year With Eleanor

Where: Barnes & Noble Tribeca, 97 Warren Street, 212-587-5389

When: 6 p.m. on Wednesday June 8th.

Here's the link to the event!


Randy Wong said...

This is amazing. I am impressed. Chica - if you were a guy, you would have titanium cahones.

Looks like you've taken the bucket list and turned it on its ear.

I want to buy this book now.

Island_Guy said...

Just wanted to say i just received your book in the mail! it made it to the island, can not wait to dive into it tonight and read it!


Jen Liesenfelt said...

So I have to admit, that after just reading your book, I had to do some of my own cyber-stalking and I came upon your blog. I LOVE LOVE LOVED your book! Had me absolutely rolling in tears when I was reading the stand-up skit. The only thing I was left wondering was why the husband Henri was such a jerkface...?

Anyway, I admire what you put yourself through. I put myself in the same situation when I came here to Kuwait for a year to work as a paramedic with our troops. It's been about 9 months of new, scary adventures, but so grateful I did it!

Love your writing! Congratulations on everything! You found a fan in me! Happy Trails!!!

:) Jen

getgoinggirly said...

Hi Noelle!
I just wanted to say I saw you on the Today show last week and was so inspired by your story! What an adventure you had by taking a potentially negative event in your life and making something positive out of it. I was so inspired I wrote a post about you and linked to your book. If you have time check it out! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVED your book! You are quite an inspiration. Like the previous commenter, I did some cyber stalking- I was dying to see pictures of your experience. I'm glad I stummbled on your blog with the book trailer. It's cool to see the video of everything I read about.

kiss said...

So bummed I missed the event! Reading your book now! I CANNOT PUT IT DOWN!!!! Also following you - hope you write some more! xo

Anne Flournoy said...

WOW. Best book trailer I ever saw! Now will have to go get the book. Congratulations!

winterlady said...

Got it-read it and loved it. You are amazing-now finish conquering the world and write another book.

Jenn Rowell said...

I just finished the book today and I loved it! So the kind of thing I would do and I'm sharing/recommending the book with all my friends! p.s. I used to have that Eleanor quote (do something that scares you) taped to my computer at a former newspaper job...they just had a bunch of layoffs..yikes!

Kaś said...

I just finished reading your book!
Excellent! I am impressed by your courage and strength. You must be a wonderful person!
Thank you for such a good book and I wish you all the best!

Kate from Poland:)

Elizabeth said...

I also just finished reading your book. I picked it up because I am a fan of Eleanor Roosevelt qoutes. I did not know what to expect and was so happy it was so good! Eleanor would be so proud of you and your book. And then after I finished it I wanted more and found your site and your trailer video is of the best book trailers I have seen. BUT...where is your stand up video in it's entirety?? I want to see the whole thing now after seeing that clip in your book trailer. Please post location of video. Looking forward to your next book!

Amanda said...

Just finished your book and have recommended it to my friends.


G said...

Hi Noelle, I loved loved loved your book!!!! I wish you would come to Southern California and do a reading. I belong to a book group at my local library (where I also work part time) and we'd love to read your book for our monthly group but there are only 2 copies in our library system and we need 20. Is there any chance you could donate 18 copies to the Orange County Public Library (or sell them to us at a discounted price- I would have to pay for it because the library is strapped for cash)? If so, please contact Lori Artzner at (949)493-4984 or and let us know.
Lori is my good friend and she runs our book group called KnitLit. We read a book during the month and then get together and discuss it while we knit or crochet. :)

Thanks, Gia

LuckyValdez said...

Hello, I am reading your book right now and I love it. You have renewed my interest in Eleanor Roosevelt. Are you going to do any readings around the Albany, NY area?

Emilia said...

HI Noelle!

I just finished reading your book and I cannot begin to tell you how inspired I am by both you and Eleanor. I'm only 20 years old, but I could relate to almost every aspect of that book. Everything from being involved in journalism to having to take sleeping pills before bed every night.

I'm a Communications major with an emphasis on Public Relations and Journalism so naturally I blogged about your book. I'd love for you to check it out!

Congratulations on everything you've accomplished and thank you for the inspiration!


Astronomies said...

Dear Noelle,

I really liked your book. I'm in the same stage as you were then. I'm 29 and saerching for my way to go in life. After reading your book I'm reading now the books of Eleanor and I understand what has inspired you!

Are you gonna write a new book? :)

I would love to read more of your work. You have a great way of writing.

Greetings from the Netherlands :)


Serge Durman said...

Hi Noelle,

Are you sure you dared everything?



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Nortorious said...

Hey, I don't know if you're still reading comments and things on this blog. We just read your book for book club and were, of course, inspired. I've been a lifestyle blogger for about 6 years and I have a sizable following -- most of whom have encouraged me to take the leap and write my crazy life into a memoir. I've shied away from publishing because I'm intimidated by it. Would you be willing to please share some insight as to where to take a manuscript and how to get it in front of people who might be interested? Sympathy for an aspiring writer? My email is norface5 at
blog is
Best wishes and thank you for telling your story. It was fabulous! Xx Nor