Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Book Trailer is Here!

This is what I was doing when I wasn't writing on this blog, which I promise to get back to soon. Meanwhile...hope you enjoy!


Gina said...

Already pre-ordered on Amazon!

officedimensions said...

Your way Hot !!!

officedimensions said...

opps that should have been "You're Way Hot"

Stuck in the Middle said...


Amazing message, can't wait to read your book. How in the world did you get to do all that stuff? If you want, you can come teach my Middle School Information Technology class for a week, that is something a lot of people find "Scary!"

Great job!

Mike Hidalgo
Albuquerque Public Schools

Island_Guy said...

i had the pleasure of talking to her on several occasions and as i sit and read this book, she was very interesting in person as in print, definitely an inspiration to us all! ps i have not been able to put the book down since amazon delivered it today!!

Great Job!! Cant wait to pass the book onto others so you may inspire them also!!


Karen said...

Just finished your book, then came to the site and watched the trailer. Made it all even sweeter somehow. Probably right up there with my favorite books of all-time. I saw so much of myself in it, except I've yet to conquer any fears, so... time to get moving. :)

Kaś said...

I just finished reading your book!
Excellent! I am impressed by your courage and strength. You must be a wonderful person!
Thank you for such a good book and I wish you all the best!

Kate from Poland:)

108b894c-b349-11e0-8fb8-000bcdcb471e said...

Also just finished the book - what an inspiration! I already try to do some adventurous things but now I'm even more motivated to keep going. Excellent writing style, funny warm and witty - it makes the reader feel like we know you. I am so recommending this to every I know. Thank you!!

chelsearoad said...

I am also recommending your book to everyone I know. ER has long been a heroine of mine, which is what attracted me to your book in the first place. Your style, your honesty, your humor...they are what made this my favorite book of the year so far. (And I read a lot!)

Please do a booksigning in the Philadelphia area and I will buy you lunch, or at least coffee or tea.

OAM said...


Thank you for your book!! My friend recommended I read it, and I'm glad I did. After finishing your book and seeing your video about the book, I am really inspired and in awe of how you put yourself out there. Great job!! You are hilarious, thank you for all the laughs and honesty in your book. You go girl!

Pat said...

I am 75 years old, retired RN, married to the same man for 54 years, mother of 4, grandmother to 11 so I may not fit the profile of most of your readers. I have been a big reader all of my life. As I have gotten older, it is harder to find books that I don't want to put down, but this was one that I read straight through and really enjoyed. Of course, like the grandparents in the front row at the comedy show, all of the crude, raunchy stuff bothers me. I realize is the norm now, but I don't think it has improved our civilization any...and I am pretty sure Eleanor would agree.