Monday, December 21, 2009

I Need To Watch More Local News

"A drunk 4-year-old is accused of stealing Christmas presents from his neighbors..."

And it really just goes from there. A story so rich that they don't even get to the cross-dressing angle until 50 seconds in.

News Channel 9


kiss said...

I wonder where this was... No offense, I know you're from Texas. Eeerrr, maybe it was AL. :)

Black Rose said...

This is really bad but strangely I find it kind of funny. I had never heard of a drunk four year old before this and it's crazy how he was able to do everything he did. He was misguided in his intentions but really smart. If I were to find a four year old robbing my house for some reason I would find it adorable, and it makes me smile to picture it, but it's sad that he did it to join his daddy in jail.

Black Rose said...