Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Today in Emailing With Jessica

Jessica: Why does Kelly Ripa's navel look like a penis?

Me: THAT'S a penis? How many small children have you been fucking? Still, I see your point.

Jessica: Ha. A LOT OF SMALL CHILDREN. But seriously, it looks like it has a tiny little head on it.

Me: I think her belly button is just afraid of her abs (I know I am) and trying to make a break for it.

Jessica: I think her mother's obgyn should be shot.


Ranger Tom said...

I might be a tiny alien trying to get out.


It's just creapy.

Marge said...

Kelly Ripa is normally really hot but let's be real- she looks gross here. And personally I think that there is a whole lot of photoshop going on in her abdominal area in this shot.

Gregory Sauceda said...

Noelle your deffinitly right. That belly button has been working on its escape plan for years. I don't think it thought it out thoroughly enough though because it didnt quite make it.