Friday, May 08, 2009

This Is The Last Photo I Want On My Blog In Case I Die Tomorrow

Naked skydiving

Against my better judgment I'm going skydiving tomorrow afternoon. It's for my book, obviously. Why anybody would voluntarily engage in an activity that can make your breasts look like upside down cereal bowls is beyond me, so I'm amazed I convinced my friends Jessica Coen, Chris Rovzar and Bill Schulz to come along with me. In honor of our adventure I emailed the three of them this photo.

"Oh my god, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE BOOBS?" Jessica wrote back.

"That's what's going to happen to your boobs tomorrow, Coen," Chris replied. "Sometimes, they stay that way."


SP said...

Holy crap are the women's boobs really inverted???? And the one dude in the middle... He's so NOT inverted.

You made my day.

Marge said...

Oh my gosh... that is amazing. Good luck!

somegirl19 said...

real or fake?! (boobs i mean)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nicolle,

I hope you survived sky diving today. You have more guts than I do!

Tonight (Saturday), I watched the Red Eye rerun of the show you were on earlier this week. Seeing you again was the only reason I watched (although not for the entire hour).

BTW, I spent a week in Houston in August 1989 attending the National Model Railroad Convention at the Astrodome.

The air-conditioning was out all week, and there was only one restroom for men and one restroom for women. More than 25,000 people attended each day! If you wanted to go to the John, you had to wait in line for at least an hour! Horrible!

I stayed kitty-corner at the Days Inn, so I just walked back when I wanted to use the John or cool off.

Now, I'm from Chicago originally so I'm used to heat and humidity in August, but, man, the Astrodome was a real steambath!

JTK.CA@JTK.CA said...

Dear Noelle,

I just twittered this tweet in tribute to you:


I loved the Fox News Channel ep. of RED EYE w/ guest Noelle Hancock! Watched it twice! She's my new celeb crush; we both hate doing dishes!


You can follow me on TWITTER at

Also, since I'm a nudist, I "LOVED" the naked skydiving picture on your blog.



Lindsey said...

I'm so disturbed by those inverted boobs that I can hardly stand it. eeekkk.

Susanna said...

So glad the photo is taken from the front of the skydivers. - love from your cousin, Susanna

houston Kenna said...

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