Friday, April 24, 2009

Good To Know

Was just researching Mt. Kilimanjaro in preparation for my climb and came across the following decree:

Spitting and possession of pornographic material is illegal.

Thank god they said something. Trudging down from 20,000 feet in handcuffs, clutching my well-thumbed copies of Tenthouse and Canteens would've been one hell of an embarrassing perp walk.


Anonymous said...

No spitting? Man, have they issued a ruling on scratching yet? You know us guys...

Todays word verification brought to you by "ranac"

Anonymous said...

It seems that that person you mentioned who supposedly used to pose as you on usmagazine, might have been you -yourself- Noelle? Who'd want to pose as you? makes no sense. I do know that the same person who supposedly "posed" as you on usmag is the same person who has been stalking me online for over a year now - and i am just a little bit curious about who it is. Any idea? since you worked for usmag, and you could prob see the emails/names/IPs of people who posted there.