Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today in Texting With Jessica

On location at a nearby tarmac...

Jessica: I am on the oldest, most ghetto plane I've ever been on. It's like it's taking its final flight. Even Spirit is more cleaned up than this.

Me: Oh noooooo! That's bad. On my way to the airport once, my cabbie asked what airline I was flying and when I told him Spirit, he started laughing.

Jessica: That cabbie should burn in hell. Nobody laughs at you when you get on a plane. Nobody.


Stigs said...

is Spirit that bad? two of my friends are flying to visit me and are thinking of flying on Spirit cuz it's cheap. why is it so bad?

Ranger Tom said...

You haven't lived until you've spent 20 wonderful hours laying on the hood of a jeep in the cargo hold of a C-130... In crappy weather

That's ghetto!