Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Secret Of My Relationship Success

Nick: What are our plans for the Super Bowl? Do we have any?

Me: When is it?

Nick: Sunday.

Me: If you offered me a million dollars, I couldn't even tell you who's playing.

Nick: Me neither. We are a pair.


Petunia Face said...

Ah yes, my husband and I try to see who can go the longest without knowing who's playing, and then when that's over, who can go the longest without knowing who won.

Romance :)

Anonymous said...

those "thats why we are together moments" are fun. here is an exchange from 2003:

me: what are better vans old school classics or converse all-stars?

her: vans, duh.

me: cool i'm glad you said that.

her: if i had ever seen you in cons, you wouldn't have gotten in my pants.

Anonymous said...

Chris Rock once said "two crackheads? They can stay together forever."

I guess the same is true for two people who don't care about football.