Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CNN Article That Should Have Been An 'Onion' Article

(CNN) -- The moment I saw that guinea pig's corpse, I made up my mind. I would not tell my son Checkers was dead ... at least not that night. Drew had five tests within the next two days. I wasn't going to let grief jeopardize his grades.

[via Balk and TopherChris]

When I first read this I thought the kid's name was Checkers, which elevated the story to an entirely different level. But I'm still blogging it since my mother totally did this after she accidentally backed over my cat, Man, during finals my freshman year of high school. Meanwhile, here’s an Onion headline from this week that should be a real article:

'Happiness Riding On Strength Of Wireless Connection'


thedailyfiona said...

You named your cat Man?

Noelle Hancock said...

Yeah, originally it was Sandy, which got lengthened to Sandman, which got shortened to Man. It sounds weird now but somehow it suited him.