Friday, January 16, 2009

Celebrity Sightings: Flight 1549 Edition

Lorena: My boyfriend Max just saw The Plane from outside. I'm jealous!

Me: Haha. The US Airways plane is the new "it" celebrity in NYC.

Lorena: I heard it gives quite the ride. Even better than Kate Hudson.

Me: Hey-o!

After only 24 hours in the spotlight, The Plane has already reveled in the much vaunted Hero Phase and played to the public's sympathies in the Martyr Phase. Now begins the Accusations of Sluttiness Phase braved by so many celebrities before it. Expect sightings of the plane stumbling shit-faced out of 1Oak this weekend, one wing flung around the shoulder of Ed Westwick. Brace yourself for next week's Us Weekly cover ("Flight 1549's Downward Spiral") and an accompanying article about an airbus that was simply brought along too soon.


Anonymous said...

i heard a few of the passengers already have 6 figure book deals in the works. yikes!

now i'm just waiting to hear about lawsuits. as heroic as the pilot was, it wouldn't surprise me if some scumbag(s) thinks of a way to sue the airline for negligence.

Cob the Crazed said...

Well the Salino and Barnes commercials for each and every possible lawsuit from motercycle accidents to construction have been playing for the past few months now on every Fox News break. I'm assuming we'll see a commercial based on this plane accident soon enough as they seem to have learned all in their ambulance chasing career.

Noelle Hancock said...

I saw a 1-800-Lawyers commercial at 2 in the morning the other night that started, "Have you been hurt by anything or anyone? If so, you may be entitled to lots of money..."

Cob the Crazed said...

Well, England does have a few good ideas, the ability to have the plaintiff pay for legal expenses if they lose for example. This would save a ton of time and money in our legal system if we adopted it over here. Sadly the oops you stepped on my foot and now I'm going to sue you mentality is prevalent in the U.S. and many people will just settle rather than go through the larger expense of going to court. Look at that judge who was suing his dry cleaners for $50 Mil for losing his suit.

Cob the Crazed said...

P.S. Good to know there are other night owls out there. 2 am....not bad!!