Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Kwanzaa!...

...and a merry Christmas from me, my brother and sister. I thought I'd post a few holiday pictures just for grins. This year I finally went to SantaCon, a city-wide pub crawl where thousands of New Yorkers dress like Santa and go bar hopping. Instead of wearing a Santa costume, I decided to dress as a nutcracker. It seemed more me. And of all the holiday-themed costumes at Ricky's, it had the longest skirt and came with a bag labeled NUTS, which I filled with cashews and carried around all day. Any costume for which food is an accessory will find a fan in me.

At the College Humor party with Nick. Santa and I discussed rosacea remedies.

At the College Humor party with Jessica as I pretended to touch Santa inappropriately.

SantaCon 2008

Behold the santarchy

The Santas make an unscheduled pitstop at Carl's Cheesesteak

Making another unscheduled pitstop at a South Street Seaport hotel bar after Pizzeria Uno management locked us out of their establishment

My hangover kicked in while I was still drinking so I deployed anti-hangover defense measures and stopped at a pizza place on the way home. The man behind the counter insisted on taking my picture and I was drunk enough to let him.

Attempting to salute but looking more like I'm pantomiming a brontosaurus.

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Anonymous said...

noelle those pics of yourself in that cute outfit are way too small. not enough detail to "rub one out" if you know what i mean. don't be scurred.