Saturday, November 29, 2008

Today in Texting with Jessica

One of these days I'm just going to change the name of my blog to Reblogging Jessica. Her misery is my material.

Jessica: My return flight features Lily, a toddler so misbehaved (autistic?) that she rolled around on the floor of the boarding ramp, despite being on a leash. She’s two rows behind me and it looks to be a good time! I’m not for over-medicating kids, but at least do it for flights.

Me: I'm all for treating your kid like an animal if they behave like an animal. But why not just go all the way with it and put them in a carrier and check them with your luggage? At least then you'll have your hands free for some mid-flight cocktails. I'm going to be a wonderful mother.

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Rick Hasney said...

just flew into philly last night, my 4 and 9 yr olds were angels (really), but shit, there were a dozen or so adults that should've been drugged with Ketamine and thrown in the cargo hold. No wait, bitch-slapped, tazed, then drugged and stowed. But I'm just saying...