Saturday, November 08, 2008

Final Thoughts

When I was a guest on Red Eye last Thursday, we were supposed to talk about a new study revealing that teenage boys are using alcohol and pressure to get girls to have sex with them. The story ended up getting bumped to the next day and I didn't get to offer my insight on the matter, so I'll do it now:

Ladies, no one should ever be pressured into sex, especially teenagers. There is plenty of time to get liquored up and sleep with someone you will inevitably regret. This time is known as your twenties. But if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of unwanted sexual advances, the quickest way to get a man away from you is to say to him, "Hey, check out this lesion on my vajayjay! Is it just me or is it shaped like Jesus?" This is also a handy conversation starter at Christmas parties and christenings.


Cameron Newland said...

You didn't mean 'lesion'?

Noelle Hancock said...

Yup! I stand corrected!