Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hello Again

This is going to be awkward. There’s no way it can’t be. I’ve been away too long. This post has been built up too much. I’ve been gone for 22 days so, surely, I should have something interesting to say by now?…Yeah I got nothing. Instead I’m going to celebrate this awkward moment by posting this video of the most awkward sexual pairing I've ever seen. Disclaimer: Duck rape is a crime. A very hilarious crime.

Please tell me that’s a cockapoo.

(UPDATE: My friend Mark -- who I will no longer be spending time with alone unless there are people close enough to hear my screams -- believes that this was not a case of rape, but a tacit understanding between sweethearts. “The duck is clearly consenting,” he argues. “While the duck ‘tried to get away,’ the dog knew it was just playing hard to get. Look at the video, you can see that in the duck's eyes.”)


Richard said...

Welcome back! Please don't desert us...if the Apocalypse is truly upon us, we need more laughter.

Anonymous said...

Wow, almost thought you gave up on the blog!! Interesting post to come back with.

blueline said...

I was ready to give up on this blog until I hit refresh for the 1784th time..

BCA said...

it's true: sometimes when a duck says "no" she really means "yes"

John said...

"Where have you been these endless years,"
I ask you sobbing through my tears.