Monday, September 01, 2008

I Need References

It's Labor Day and I'm laboring. (Or I'm "labouring," as my alternate, British personality would say.)

Specifically, I'm laboring over the problem of rap alter egos. I need to interview Ice Cube for a magazine profile I’m working on and have spent the last 20 minutes writing an email to his publicist to request a Q&A. Why 20 minutes? Because I have no idea what to call him. You can only say Ice Cube once in one email before it starts to sound awkward and I blew my load in the second line: “I wanted to see if I could grab Ice Cube on the phone for a quick interview and I understand that you’re his publicist?”

How do I refer to him after that? Ice? Mr. Cube? I can’t just keep referring to him as “him” or “he” without sounding biblical. I looked up his birth name to see if that might help but it’s O’Shea Jackson. I'm not comfortable calling anyone O’Shea and Mr. Jackson just makes me think of Outkast's “Sorry Ms. Jackson” and then I get that song in my head and start singing, “Oooooh, I am fo’ reeeaall!” Then I lose track of what I was doing and...yeah.


Anonymous said...

Ice Ice Baby

Lee Mazzola said...

call him "Cube"

Anonymous said...

Spin - September 2008 (Beck cover)- page 46: "Q: Should I call you Mr. Cube, or do you prefer Ice? A: You can just call me Cube. Ice sounds a little funny." Good luck.

Noelle Hancock said...

Aha! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

yup, Cube is the way to go

Anonymous said...

agree with above. Cube

I've heard this in the past. Ice Cube, 1st time, Cube, after that.

No mister. Mister made me laugh

BCA said...

if you have the opening during the interview, please share with him the joy and hilarity his below lyrics have given my friends and I over the years:

Big dicks in ya ass is bad for your health.

(from 'Check Yo Self')