Monday, September 01, 2008

Honey: It All Began With an Idiot and a Dream

I'm really curious about the first person who discovered honey. Who actually thought to themselves, "You know what I think would be a good idea? See all those insects over there -- the ones with little knives attached to their butts that they use to stab people with? Let's break into their house and steal all of their shit. I'm sure they won't mind." You might as well just rob the headquarters of The Crips.


Anonymous said...

Not as crazy as the first person to discover smoking tobacco leaves!!

Anonymous said...

A long time on a TV show someone said a good way to get gum out of your kid's hair is to rub in some peanut butter. Apparently the peanut oil helps release the gum so you can remove it.

But who was the first person to try that? And how many other things did they try before finding something that worked?

Anonymous said...

Maybe that person saw a bear eating it or something? Anyway, who can resist? Honey is nature's perfect food.