Thursday, August 07, 2008

I Swear, Any Day Now I'm Going To Come Home To Find A Repo Man Hauling My Diploma Off My Wall

Amanda: “You know, sometimes when I’m watching the Jaywalking segment on The Tonight Show --”

Me: “You don’t know the answers to the simplest questions and feel like a total freaking idiot? Omg, me too!”

They really expect me to remember who the fifth President was? I don’t even know how many floors there are in my walk-up apartment building.


bobdogkid said...

I don't think anyone noticed.
The only reason he threw out that question was to see what you are like when you are free-forming -kind of like the ink spot tests. You graced the stage by being a delightful and deliciously attractive guest.That show needed a tall, cool glass of water.
You Rocked

Katie said...

Your diploma should be ripped off the wall for watching The Tonight Show-- Jay Leno kills brain cells.

(Sometimes I don't know the $100 questions on Millionaire and it scares me.)

christopher said...

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