Monday, July 14, 2008

The One Where The Two Freelance Writers Spend Way Too Much Time Emailing About A Milkshake

Mark: I don't think I could ever ingest something called The Cookie Chumper. Sounds too much like gonzo porn to be any kind of edible item.

Me: The Cookie Chumper is fabulous. They really understand the importance of the cookie per cream ratio, which is key.

Mark: But why "chumper" and not "chomper"?

Me: I think chomping is what your teeth do with heartier food that's difficult to tear through -- like a well-done steak sandwich -- whereas chumping Oreo cookie crumbs amid milky surroundings calls for a lighter touch. Are you really asking me to decipher the semantics behind the naming of a milkshake?

Mark: I guess I'm confused because I think of "chumping" as "to make a chump of." So in this case, you'd be trying to make a chump of a cookie milkshake. I.e., "You're my bitch, shake."

Maybe that does make sense.

Me: If I'm paying $7.04 for it, that shake had better be my bitch.


Anonymous said...

did u hear the one about the "surgeon lobotomy"? u no laboter me i no laboter u. sorry i is drizunk and that was uncalled for. btw, if i knew it was going to be this kind of a party i wood have put my junk in the mash pataters rofl.

jozette said...

so, i just found your blog and so far i'm peeing in my pants laughing. going to go read more ...

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