Friday, July 04, 2008

My Relationship, Explained Through Luggage

His luggage.

My luggage.


RiSK said...

Your luggage looks like the super rifled through it.

Anonymous said...

Did they steal your underwear again???

MIke said...

My boyfriend gets endless mileage out of the fact that I have 47 pieces of luggage and I am one of only two people he knows who owns and uses trunks when traveling. I take some comfort in the knowledge that he is the other person who owns and uses trunks when traveling.

Don't let their luggage fool you. They are just as bad.

P.S. I was thinking of you last night! At the end of Gossip Girl they froze on Penn Badgley (sp?) smiling and he has TWO ginormous forehead veins going on! It was like looking at a map of the Mississippi river delta! You have nothing to worry about compared to our dear Penn.

jco said...

For the record, I think this says a lot more about Nick than it does you.