Monday, July 14, 2008

It's a Monday

You know when you accidentally hit something on your computer and then suddenly your toolbars totally change position and now the buttons that used to be on top are on bottom and the buttons are now big instead of small and you’re like, “Where the hell did that little weather icon go that told the temperature? I loved the shit out of the weather icon and now it’s gone!” And you have no idea how to get it back the way it was before and every time you try to fix it you just make it worse?

I hate that.

UPDATE: Three hours later, after I'd resigned myself to living the rest of my life with an inverted toolbar of oversized buttons, I accidentally pressed some key that switched everything back to the original settings. Order restored to the kingdom!


Anonymous said...

right click on the sidebar area, choose "properties". you can probably figure out the rest yourself. assuming you're not on crack. thats usually what i relegate to my mondays when the stress hits.

Noelle Hancock said...

The properties never helps, actually. I always end up just changing things around and just messing it up even further.

Kirby said...

Right with you, sister. I hate it when that happens.