Friday, July 11, 2008

In Which Movie Gas Prices Ruin My Suspension Of Disbelief

There are many absurdist elements to the movie Con Air. Nicolas Cage’s southern accent, the dialogue (“Put the bunny back in the box!”), a plane dragging a sports car through the air, landing a plane on the Vegas strip, etc. But when I was watching Con Air on TNT tonight (shut up), the part that struck me as the least realistic was when someone runs past a gas station and unleaded is going for $1.03 a gallon. $1.03! It was one of those "wait, hold up" moments where you immediately reach for the Info button on the remote, saying, “What year was this made again?” I have this reaction every time I’m watching that five dollar milkshake exchange from Pulp Fiction. A $5 shake in New York is practically a steal these days. If someone offers you a milkshake for less than $5 in New York, you don't want that shit. You can be pretty sure that it was made from the carcasses of deli cats. I actually paid $7.04 for a milkshake at Ciao Bella yesterday. It was called the Cookie Chumper and it was worth every inflated government-subsidized penny.

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