Thursday, June 05, 2008

What The Hell Is Happening To The American Presidency?

Chest bumping? Fist pounding? Is McCain going to do some Jaager bombs now?


J said...

I bet you didn't know Theodore Roosevelt used to do fist-bumps with all the members of his cabinet. That shouldn't be a surprise though because fist-bumping was pretty popular with all the trust-busters.

And Martin Van Buren used to do Big High Fives (where both parties get a running start, leap in the air, and high five) with his VP Richard Johnson.

It's all part of history, Noelle.


I *Heart* You said...

I feel the day that Obama jumps on Oprah's couch is near.

I was passing by the St. Regis hotel in Houston last night as Cheney was arriving in a glorious motorcade. A few of his secret service guys are H-O-T!!! Hope they never have to take a bullet for (or from) that man.

Rbastid said...

Bush gets alot of crap as Pres, but I still wouldn't pass up the chance to go get drunk at a yankees game with him, he seems like the guy who would streak across right field with ya.

As J said, After Van Buren started the Van B Boys everything went downhill.

McCain actually proves his coolness by holding kickboxing clinics to the music of Toto (He finds their music uplifting)

Anonymous said...

Nah, McCain is gonna do kegstands.