Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bright College Years

It's spring! New beginnings and all that. Was walking past some NYU students in their graduation gowns the other day and realized it's been six years since I graduated college and 10 years since I graduated high school. Thought I'd post some photos for old time's sake. After spending four years competing against each other, graduation attire was a great equalizer, wasn't it? Everyone looked fat in the robes and the hats were shaped like a McDonald's filet-o-fish and flattered no one. Kind of brilliant, I must say.

Where it all began! My best friend Lindsey and me in 1998 on high school graduation day. We went to different high schools, hence the different colored robes.

Kissing my Yale acceptance letter in '98. You always knew the big envelope was good news. And, no, I don't know what my parents were thinking with that couch either, but how awesome was our wood paneling?

Graduating from college in 2002. I later wrote about the experience for the Yale Daily News. Being a complete idiot, I didn't try on my graduation gown until about a half hour before the ceremony, at which point I discovered that the sleeves were three feet too long and inexplicably sewn shut. Luckily we managed to find a replacement gown at the last minute so I didn't have to accept the diploma between my teeth.

Running with my diploma beneath Harkness Tower. That gate is only unlocked on commencement day for graduating seniors to walk through. To tell you the truth, it was kind of a pain in the ass the rest of the year when you wanted to cut through the courtyard, but now I appreciate the pomp and circumstance.

The quality of this picture is terrible (it was a point-and-shoot and the flash had stopped working) but it's my favorite picture from college graduation. We'd just had a whirlwind weekend of activities and lunches and ceremonies and I'd sat down, exhausted, on my dorm room floor because we'd already packed up all the furniture. Notice the bottle of vodka, Cheerios and toilet paper sitting on top of the mini-fridge. How great was college?


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh... memories. Those are great photos, Noelle!

Yale will certainly be on the Noelle Hancock Reality Bus Tour. Maybe we'll be able to peek into your old dorm room. It'll be a bit of a drive from NYC, but what the heck - we can serve a box lunch on the way.

John said...

The year you graduated was my freshman year at Yale and God that was a long time ago. I remember I tried to sneak through Harkness Tower that day, but THE MAN wouldn't let me.

Noelle Hancock said...

Wow, you just made me feel really old. ha.

Anonymous said...

Hey Noelle, this is off topic, but I LOVE YOU. I think in a past life (yeah i'm into all that hippy karma crap) we were together and crazy in love. And believe it or not, judging by the pics here of your boyfriend, he looks alot like me. So I would imagine that you might be into me if you were single. But 1000s of miles separate us and you're not single anyways, so alas it'll never happen. Sorry, don't mean to creep you out; I'm in a most inebriated state and listening to 80s power ballads, heheh. AnyHooo...take care;-)

J said...

Noelle - have you gotten a new bathrobe yet?

If you have nothing else in life, you just gotta have a good bathrobe!


Noelle Hancock said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noelle Hancock said...

I have NOT gotten a new bathrobe and mine has finally ripped all the way down the back. :-( I can't find one I like.

Anonymous said...

noelle, you should charge a fee to view of the: "This post has been removed by the author." rofl. like any hints on some of them heheh. i know people on the internets sure are sick and preverted. egad!