Thursday, May 01, 2008

Special Needs Monkey. That's All You Need To Know.

I never thought that, in my lifetime, I would ever type the words "special needs monkey." Not altogether and not in that order. It's just something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do -- like fly to the moon.

Then a friend of mine passed along this article titled “Special Needs Monkey Celebrates,” which recounts the recent birthday party of a mentally-disabled capuchin monkey that is in danger of being evicted from an Australian zoo. Below are my three favorite paragraphs from this incredible piece of journalism:

They made special cards, queued to wish him Happy Birthday, and one youngster brought a banana tied with a bow to help Ricky, the special-needs monkey, celebrate his 15th - and possibly last - birthday at Natureland.
Ricky, who was left badly brain-damaged after being brutalised by a jealous sibling when he was born, has been in the media spotlight following the council's announcement, with staff and the public expressing concern at what might happen to him should the zoo close.
Their mother, Jody Pettis, said Damien had been excited to see Ricky, and had been chanting, "Monkey, monkey" as soon as he entered the park.
Oh, and earlier today I got to blog an article about an amputee goat that was adopted by an amputee owner. I really don’t know where we go from here.


Anonymous said...

That monkey looks a little like my high school prom date. Her ears were a little bigger though.

Matt said...

Thank you for the treasure trove of postings today. Made my morning.

Anonymous said...

here are three topics you should explore on your blog:

1. what happened to cameron diaz's face? it is very different than it was a few years ago. not better or worse necessarily, just eerily transformed.

2. why isn't the media painting barabara walters as a homewrecker?

3. why did nbc give conando's slot to jimmy fallon?

Anonymous said...

That is wild!
Found your blog on Facebook!
It's been a loooong time!
Lori (Blitz) Granniss

lemur said...

I would just like to say that Natureland was in Nelson, NEW ZEALAND, not Australia. Like Canadians, we New Zealanders are rather sensitive at being lumped with our big, more well-known neighbours ^^

I have been to Natureland and must say, I am not particularly sorry to see it closed and you will be pleased to know that Ricky has been adopted by another NZ zoo, Orana Park, in Christchurch.