Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Me Blog Pretty One Day

The New Yorker’s David Sedaris archive has me completely tickled. Each one of Sedaris' articles is summarized on the website, undoubtedly by some intern they hired straight out of a Jay McInerny novel. Seeing his ridiculous tales broken down in that quintessentially humorless New Yorker way is totally amusing me. I've reprinted a few of them below.

NOVEMBER 29, 2004
REFLECTIONS about fidelity, competitiveness and the author’s current and previous boyfriends… Writer tells about a boil he developed on his tail bone while staying in London with his boyfriend, Hugh. Tells about how Hugh likes to complain when his…
by David Sedaris

FEBRUARY 16, 2004
RECOLLECTIONS about the writer drowning a mouse at his Normandy home. The writer was on the front porch, drowning a mouse in a bucket, when, strangely, a van pulled up. No cars ever stops in front of his house. Plus, it was three o’clock in the morning. In addition, there…
by David Sedaris

MAY 08, 2006
REFLECTIONS about a human skeleton the writer gave his boyfriend as a gift… Writer tells about a list he keeps of gifts that he would like other people to buy for him. Tells about petitioning various friends to buy him a portrait of a dog he had seen at the…
by David Sedaris

JANUARY 29, 2007
REFLECTIONS about the writer placing album covers and photographs of terrorists in the windows of his Normandy farmhouse to deter birds from trying to enter through them… Writer tells about his boyfriend, Hugh, listening to the Kate Bush song “Aerial” in their Normandy farmhouse. The song opens with the trilling…
by David Sedaris

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