Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mah Robes Is Tattered

I know. It's bizarre that I'm posting a picture of myself in my bathrobe on the internet. But I really felt like the hole in the robe needed to be seen to be fully understood. That's my Yale degree on the left. I hang it in the bathroom to keep me grounded.

My beloved bathrobe is so threadbare that it now has a hole in the back. I can’t find a new bathrobe that I like so I continue to wear the old one, pretty much all day since I’m freelancing from home. Every time I make a sudden movement or stretch with too much enthusiasm, it rips a little more. I think I’m actually going to wait until it rips down to the waistline and becomes an open back robe. Then I’m going to host a bathrobe cocktail party in my apartment where everyone will be required to wear heels and ties along with their bathrobes and I’ll bust out my fancy backless robe of wonder. The majority of the female partygoers will go the traditional route and work their cleavage since most robes have a v-neckline. But not me. I will surprise them all. Everyone will say, “Wow, great open back robe! It’s so flattering and unexpected! Where can I get one?”

Cough. Did it get weird? Um, I’m really tired.


Anonymous said...

Please repost after it rips a little more.

Anonymous said...

Noelle that's cool. I will come to your party in my nifty little crotchless polyester leisure suit. I've been saving it for a special occasion.

SamandSarawedding said...
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Lindsey said...

I'm dying. DYING. 2 weeks in China makes for a lot of catching up on your posts. Excellent way to pass time while contemplating fact that airline lost my baggage and I'm 13 hours jet-lagged.