Thursday, April 03, 2008

You Always Knew Jesus Was a Top, Right?

Stuart and Jesus the parakeets

When I finally got an office job after a year of freelancing, I would look back at the time I spent working at home and ask myself, "What did I even do all day?" (Because, judging from my 2005 tax return, I obviously wasn't working.) Now that I'm unemployed I remember the answer: taking pictures of my birds and writing inappropriate jokes about gay parakeet sex and candy rape.


Anonymous said...

You know that those 'parakeets' are budgies? really?
Full name: budgerigar,,
Australian natives, so: if one {both?} is gay, he's probably from Sydney.

magpiper said...

More Linguistic Interest:
Speedos are the favourite swimwear of the Australian male. The brief style does little to disguise the anatomy, so Speedos are commonly known as 'budgie-smugglers'.
Try a 'parakeet' in your knickers to achieve a similar result...