Monday, April 14, 2008

I Carried a Watermelon

Me: You know, the more I watch 'Dirty Dancing' nowadays, the more I side with the dad. I'm also really grossed out by the idea of this twenty-something* guy boning a 17-year-old girl.

Jessica: It's actually filthy.

Me: Also, Johnny was really stupid.

Jessica: Well, if he was smart, wouldn't he have a better job?

Me: God, we're such ruling class assholes.

*Patrick Swayze was actually 35 in that movie. Creepsies!


Anonymous said...

Swayze got game, don't trip! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'd much rather date a narcissist with a good job, a limp dick and maybe even an STD. yay ruling class.

Rainy-Day Kate said...

But he's Patrick Swayze. So it's okay.