Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Conversation Is The Reason I Need To Take The Subway More Often

Cabbie: "Yeah, I've been trying to get back together with my girlfriend. She was really special. She was a dominatrix -- but she didn't tell me until after we'd started dating."

Me: "Wow. That must've been an awkward conversation."

Cabbie: "We didn't really have...conversations."

Me: "Oh, right..."


Anonymous said...

really? your subway trips are milder? try the E. it's fun.

MIke said...

Try having a cab driver suddenly come at you with 'My girlfriend is great, but lately I've been wondering what it's like to get a blow job from a guy' while you're hurtling down the West Side Highway with no chance of escape. (is most horrifying if you are in fact a guy)

Anonymous said...

hey mike, a bj from a guy doesn't make you gay. or at least thats what dennis rodman says.

dont know if i could get past a scratchy beard rubbing on my stomach/legs tho, rofl.