Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer Doesn’t Make Us Lose Faith in the State Government

He makes us lose faith in our boyfriends.

Me: Freaking Spitzer, man. Just makes me shake my head and think, "Men! Get a hold of yourselves!"

Jessica: seriously, this shit makes me trust NO MALE EVER. honestly. if you prosecute hookers, are under constant scrutiny, and can't refrain from using hookers...well, christ. how can the common dude keep it together. are men just that out of control?

Meanwhile, Dad emails in from Texas:
So the same state that is enthralled with the Clintons is outraged
over the governor meeting up with a call girl?


Keeva said...

Noelle -

It is not all men - just those with power and money. Or those with testicles. I can never tell.

I am waiting to hear how the junior Senator from the Empire State handles this one. Should be fun.

BCA said...

I am repeatedly amazed, because I have long thought that women have a tougher, harder life, in general terms, compared to men, yet they (women) seem to handle themselves decidedly better...and by a long shot.

I cannot reconcile this...and I'm a guy.

Anonymous said...

it's OPEN SEASON on sex scandals!!! the mayor from detroit just joined in today. LOL