Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pictures From Aruba (Including, But Not Limited To, Gratuitous Bikini Shots)


Does this cacti make me look succulent? No? Okay.

Taken from the beach in front of our hotel.

I know, I know. It's weird and super lame that he's completely dressed and I'm wearing a bikini. It's kind of a long story. I hadn't gotten dressed because I was waiting for my swimsuit to dry out but then the sun started going down so we had to leap out of our Jeep and take this picture really quickly before I had time to get dressed. And, in fact, we actually ended up missing the sunset. If you look closely you'll see that the "sun" is actually a car headlight. See? I told you it was a long story.

Driving through town.

I don't really have an ass. But I'm okay with this.

Another sunset.

I like to imagine that Dushi Bagels wear polo shirts with popped collars and spend their weekends doing Jaegar bombs at parties while firing the "double guns" and bugging fellow partygoers for their last cigarette.

Trying to distract myself on the rather terrifying car ride down the mountain to the Natural Pool.

Excited to have made it to the Natural Pool alive.

I would later tear my hand open and bleed all over the place while attempting to climb that rock in the background.

This is a picture of my head taken two seconds after I jumped off of a big rock into the water. Damn you, camera delay!

Spoiler: That rock is only two feet off the ground.

Taken on the first night. I had myself spray tanned before I went down there in order to keep from blinding the locals. So I actually got lighter as the vacation progressed.

Yet another sunset.


Matt said...

Fully clothed man + bikini-clad statuesque woman = Bond girl.

I'm just saying.

apricot. said...

Wow; beautiful pictures! I am jealous. :]

Anonymous said...

wow, i bet your bf has no clue how lucky he is... some dudes have all the luck..

Anonymous said...

FYI: when you click on these photos, they don't get any bigger. IE: they're not thumbnails.

i wanted to make a poster of you in your bikini but i need better resolution. LOL sorry to creep you out heheh

Anonymous said...

Hi Noelle! Looks like you had a great time in Aruba. Now that you're back, I'd like to recommend a great new book about Aruba that you might find interesting, An Island Away by Daniel Putkowski.