Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

My bestie Sara got married this weekend in Phoenix. We met at Yale and immediately bonded over the fact that we were both from Texas and had close personal relationships with hair dryers and red meat. She's my first friend to get married. The rest of us are pretty much completely dysfunctional when it comes to relationships.

My first time as a bridesmaid! It's like 27 Dresses -- if it had been called 1 Dress and I'd had massive Katherine Heigl boobs to fill it out. U.S. Airways lost my boyfriend's luggage so he ended up having to wear Converse sneakers to the wedding. Everyone just assumed that he was just an edgy New York hipster and that was part of his aesthetic. (On the flight home U.S. Airways also ran out of meals when only half of the people had been served. "That's ridiculous!" I exclaimed loudly while Nick shushed me. "What kind of an airline runs out of food???" That's some bullshit.)

About a month ago Sara called and said that there was a chance it was going to be a dry wedding (her hubby's family doesn't really drink) and I asked, "Can I bring a flask?" And she responded, "Only if you bring enough for me." You can see why we're friends. They ended up having a full bar. (see below)

That's my girl.

This was my idea. It was also my idea to make all the guests do the dance from "Thriller," which I didn't actually remember until just now.

It's not a true holy union until Whitey McNoAss dances to "Baby Got Back."


Anonymous said...

Whitey McNoAss, you're still funny after all these years. I have fond memories of your YDN column. But I'm just a tourist here; tripped over the link on fb.

Anonymous said...

Nicolle, thank you for your blog. I enjoy it a great deal. Your writing style, wry wit and slant on the world around you puts me in mind of a young Prudence Mahaffey when she was growing up in Texarkana. She went on to become Prudence Mackintosh and quite a good writer. It's time you got your own book going and let her pass the torch to you.

By the way, put me down for an autographed first edition which I'm quite sure one day will put my granddaughter through college. :-)

Yeah, really. No foolin'.

-A fan from Deep In The Heart o'...

mackyton said...

Super wedding rings. I loved them and want to have a beautiful platinum ring for my wedding at one of NYC wedding venues. Have already selected a design and hope it will look best for the event. Very excited for the day.