Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Cross to Bear

Dude, I got such a good cross this year. Clearly defined, good consistency and extension. It’s always a toss-up on Ash Wednesday as to whether you’re going to get a good cross. Sometimes it’s just a smudge and then for the rest of the day you have to hear, “Hey, you have some dirt on your forehead!” In the past I’ve even hit the bathroom afterward and tried to make it more cross-like, probably violating at least 10 tenets of the Catholic Church.

This year I went to St. Patrick’s, conveniently located next to my office, where there were four men of the cloth to choose from. The third priest from the left seemed like a safe bet. “Oooh, I want that one,” I thought. “He looks like he gives good ash.” He didn’t disappoint.

If only I could have had him design my cross two years ago when I had to take my work ID photo on Ash Wednesday. That priest's heart was in the right place but he was a little short on the follow-through. I probably shouldn’t critique my crosses, but hey, I’m shallow. As I was reading my Lenten Regulations pamphlet on the way out of the church, I said to myself, “I almost forgot that I’m supposed to fast today. Oh well, it’s Fashion Week. It’s not like I’m eating anyway.”


John said...

I didn't know it was Ash Wednesday until I saw your pic and went "Holy crap! It's Ash Wednesday!"

Laura said...

I don't think I'll be making it to Mass but I did remember just in time to remove the chicken from my salad.

My grandmothers are spinning in their graves.

Sara said...

I totally ate beef jerky yesterday - DAMNIT!

greg said...

Ash Wednesday always make me happy to be a Hebrew. No way the Star of David would play on my forehead, especially on a hot & sweaty beach day.

ced said...

i missed you in the office this year. i am the only one left among these heathens. my st. pat's priest was heavy on the downstroke but dare i say i wore my cross well. i had a fleeting though to tape a stencil to my head but i though that was too martha stewart-y/ blasphemous. i did have to do some definition work before i went to see that mamet play and break my fast at orso with squid ink tagliarini & crab meat. hey while i'm on the whole churchin' thing did you know that monday is the 150th anniversary of Lourdes? you get a plenary indulgence for any public or private devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes! (and no, that has nothing to do with Madge's 11-year old)