Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Local Couple Living a Huge Lie Still Happily Dating Eight Months Later

A commenter writes:
i secretely met my gf of 8 months on match.com and we both haven't told a soul. you need to do a posting about match.com. we're living a huge lie.

Never did match.com although I checked out eHarmony.com a few years ago. I got to the survey with the 400 personal questions and thought, “If I was self-actualized enough to know the answers to these questions, would I really be on your site looking for someone else to fill the empty intimacy-starved vortex inside of me?"

Then I went back to watching Law & Order. If you’re going to stare into the abyss, it helps to have Sam Waterston’s soulful browns staring back at you.


SSS said...

"Then I went back to watching Law and Order." is nine words instead of six, but it could very well be my Hemingwayian life-story memoir.


Steve H. said...

"empty intimacy-starved vortex..."

That had me laughing out loud at 2:10 AM during a commercial while watching Red Eye.

I'm feelin' ya.

Anonymous said...

The first time I saw Sam Waterston was as Nick Carroway in "The Great Gatsby" in 1972. I have seen most of his films and episodes on "Law and Order." He is a fine actor.

George Spink
Los Angeles