Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adventures in 23rd Street Subway Graffiti

I've always enjoyed graffiti. Ever since I found myself studying zoning out in the Yale library one night, staring at a scrawled message on my cubicle which read read "I SPOOGED ON THIS WALL!!!"

I especially like the term "defacing" because it sounds like something a Batman villain does to one of his victims before bringing him over to work for the dark side. (ie. And then The Penguin had the man's face melted off. He had him defaced! That way he could carry out The Penguin's crimes without being identified!)

You know who else likes graffiti? Those who frequent the F/V subway station at 23rd Street and 6th Avenue. Their latest installation involves posters for two reality shows: The Millionaire Matchmaker and Top Chef.

They kept it simple with Top Chef, choosing to focus on our bearded fellow on the right. The graffiti artist provides him with a thought bubble reading: “I’d rather be in Williamsburg…” Whether or not this is true, I don’t know. What is clear is that he will later end up locked in the walk-in freezer and left for dead by the man wielding the rolling pin. (Before we go, is Padma Lakshmi the most useless of all the reality eye candy hosts? I think so.)

The graffiti artists were not so kind to our peeps at The Millionaire Matchmaker, where our white suited friend stands brandishing her cupid’s bow made of empty promises. The Matchmaker’s cleavage has been Perez Hilton'd. Her teeth now indicate her to be from somewhere where the homes are on wheels. Someone has tagged her hair. The man on the right has literally been defaced.

But please direct your attention to the lady in red on the left who is blowing a kiss at the three gentlemen across the poster. A green peen has been lovingly crafted – more or less to scale -- near the woman’s mouth. I'm not sure what it was made out of. It may be boogers. Tis the cold season, after all.

Oh, Defilers of 23rd and 6th, is nothing is sacred? Not even women who go on television to find with rich men to support their red tube top habits? Great color by the way, it really pops against their message of gold-diggery. Not that I’m judging. (Call me, guys.)


erat said...

A green peen. Whoodathunkit?

And for some reason the thought of a community booger art project sounds appealing. It starts with one swipe, and from there...who knows?

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