Thursday, December 27, 2007

When Afflecks Attack

It’s the nature of the beast that bloggers misspell shit, although I’m worse than most. I once misspelled the word “card.” In a headline. These mistakes are the natural byproduct of a non-stop news cycle, too little sleep, too much caffeine, and the absence of fact-checkers. So my blogger friends (yes, blogger friends) and I often help one another out by shooting each other emails like “hey, the link on your Halle Berry story doesn’t work” or “Lindsay Lohan has been in rehab three times, not two.”

Thus, today's email exchange between me and my lovely friend Henry, who’s now working at my former place of employ,

Me: Hey, Zahara is almost 3 years old -- not almost 2.

Henry: Damn. Thanks much.

Me: That's ok. I spelled Hitler's name wrong in a post the other day. Though, in my defense, it was only because I'd cut and pasted a statement issued by a publicist.

Henry: I almost published Violet Affleck as “Violent” this morn.

Me: That would’ve been pretty awesome: “Violent Affleck Hits Local Playground”


MIke said...

That was an awesome chuckle first thing in the morning. Thanks!

Too Cool for School said...

I never make spelling misstakes


(Humor an amateur, and suppresss the groan.)

Actually, I'm just posting so I can say: happy noel Noelle! (I'm sure you NEVER get that.)

John said...

I laughed.