Friday, November 09, 2007

Where Were All The Teacher-Injuring Deathscalators Back When I Was In High School?

The nefarious deathscalator.

In my hometown of Houston, six people at a teachers’ conference were injured yesterday in a freak escalator accident.

“About 30 people were on the moving stairs at the George R. Brown Convention Center when it unexpectedly sped up, then abruptly stopped. A fire captain says everybody on it ‘just rolled down to the bottom.’”

Hahaha fjdk fjdksfjdks!! Serves H.I.S.D. right considering the “education” they’ve been offering up all these years. In my biology class freshman year, we watched Jurassic Park over the course of a week and then wrote a short paragraph summarizing the plot of the movie. That was considered "teaching." I think I actually watched more movies in school than I did in my free time. Now you know why I graduated in the top 5% of my class. And why there are so many spelling and grammar errors on this blog.

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