Monday, November 05, 2007

Toilets and Brownies: A Recipe for Awkward

My Super fixed my clogged toilet earlier today and I thanked him by giving him a plate of brownies. I just happened to have made some the night before and I didn't know what to do after he emerged from my bathroom holding a plunger and some sort of device that looked like a keg but probably wasn't. It’s always an uncomfortable moment when you’re standing before a man who just finished dealing with your shit. Anyway, they were just sitting right there so I awkwardly thrust the plate at him and said, “Here!” He gave me a strange look and left. I dunno, is that weird? Like, “Hey, you just unclogged my toilet. Please accept these sumptuous treats that look exactly like feces except that you can eat them.”

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Anonymous said...

oh this is hilarious.