Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My First Maxim Cover!

People did an article on my December cover story for Maxim on Sarah Michelle Gellar! Yayness!

I pledge my eternal love to the mag’s editor-in-chief Jim Kaminsky who’s probably given me more opportunities than anyone since I’ve been in the biz, including some plum writing assignments at Rolling Stone.

He remembers me when I was just a lowly Maxim intern with no idea how to work the copy machine (some things never change). I hope that one day you, too, get the opportunity to work in an office with a bar on wheels and intramural Slim Jim eating contests.


Too Cool for School said...

you got to interview SMG??? BTVS is only my favorite show ever, in the history of tv. I'd compliment you on the interview, but Maxim only published a teaser.

The Cajun Boy said...

SMG must have a kickass publicist because she was just also named by i think tv guide as one of the 50 most iconic tv stars of all time for her role as buffy the vampire slayer.


congrats on the big feature though!

Kirby: said...

I hate to be the one to call your attention to it, but Cinematical ran a story too:


But don't worry, they are just a bunch of straight boy geeks over there with no taster ... or girlfriends for that matter.

You (and SMG) rock !!! (insert white girl gang sign here)

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