Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This Is Why They Call It "Getting Face Time"

On the bright side, my hair looks awesome.

This is a wireimage photo of me covering the Gotham Awards last night, a fitting symbol of the faceless red carpet reporter, isn't it? I ran into Emile Hirsch, who I profiled a few months ago for Rolling Stone and he said, "Hey! Nicole, right?" Sigh. Naturally I said, "Yeah!" The most amusing moment of the night came when a bunch of us were angling for an interview with Keri Russell and an Entertainment Weekly reporter barked, “Excuse me, I can’t have other reporters stepping in my den.” Stepping in my den! Hahaha! asdkjlkl;kfjdkfjdklsj!! EW indeed.

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Allison said...

my, those newbies are fiesty! ;)