Tuesday, November 06, 2007

If M. Night Shymalan Directed Kitten Videos

This is not another sleepy kitten video or even your garden variety fighting kitties video. No, this video comes with a twist. The story opens with our two young warriors engaged in a most steadfast battle. Angry Kittens have big paws and they don't know how to use them, so instead they just sort of mash them in each other's faces for awhile to little effect. It's a bit like watching white girls fight.

Further into the narrative, a third kitten comes on the mise-en-scène and seems like it's going to be the voice of reason in this world of fluffy chaos. Instead, it boots all over the place; that is, every place but the newspaper laid out just for these types of occasions. But as Kitten #3 shows, sometimes actions speak louder than mews. The unscripted barf distracts the adversaries from their personal issues and they stop fighting so that they can watch their would-be mediator hurling. Freeze frame, the end.

If only Condi could find a similar resolution for Palestine and Israel.

1 comment:

erat said...

Perhaps cat #3 was pulling a BrundleFly move by trying to pre-digest the other two, but being a dumb kitten it missed. Or not.

Either way, I just about spit a mouthful of coconut/lemongrass infused sake all over my laptop, I laughed so hard.