Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Think Diddy's Website Just Sexually Harrassed Me

Unfortunate boots in the hizouse.

I’m not sure which poet laureate Diddy hired to write copy for his website and bring his sexy to cyperspace but this is how he explains Mr. Combs' influence on hip-hop. From

Diddy does something with the musical cutting edge of music forms; it sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before, massaging the ear as passionately as it shakes the ass.

When I read that last part I picture Diddy's lyrics reaching out and shaking my ass around the way Ray J double-handed Kim Kardashian's sizeable cheeks in their sex tape promo (it's 36 seconds in if you're so inclined). Then again, my ass is so flat that Thomas Friedman should be writing books about it, so it probably wouldn't have the same impact.

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