Friday, November 16, 2007

The Harvard/Yale Game: A Photo Retrospective

I was supposed to go to The Game tomorrow but it turns out that I have to work this weekend. :-( In tribute I am wearing my "Huck Farvard" t-shirt to the office on Saturday and posting some pics from Harvard/Yale games past. These were from a less sober time when I used to throw back 10 shots in an evening and say things like, “You know, I think I just don’t get hangovers.”

Nowadays I can get hungover just from looking at these pictures and when I go out I have two drinks and am like, “Wow, is it 10:30 already?” Maybe it’s best I not go and shame myself from my inability to rage in my old age.

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Yale, no girls go to Harvard

Drinking straight from the bottle while holding a cup. It seemed logical at the time.

Awwww, college boyfriend! So sweet. Naturally, we later broke up and never spoke again.

Suck it Harvard!

Yup, still kinda drunk.

I actually wasn't drunk here. But I am wondering how I managed to have a bigger rack back then than I do now.

Fuck Harvard!

The end.


Geoff said...

Awww, the memories, I remember those days, too bad it is too far for some of us to travel this year.

jim treacher said...

This one, you look like you're drunk on Satan.

School rivalries are so funny. Can Yale and Harvard hate each other more than the rest of the world hates them both?