Monday, October 08, 2007

Prince Harry Demonstrates Talents Passed On From The Queen Mother

I actually tried a similar technique for the costume I wore to Yale's infamous Exotic Erotic dance in college (the motto was "The less you wear, the less you pay") using two red keg party cups. I figured that the suction would make the cups adhere to my rack on their own (it didn't). So I ended up just wearing a black tube top and a pair of panties that had the word DAMN written across them in rhinestones.

Well-played, Prince Harry. You are my favorite for the throne now even if you literally are the redheaded bastard stepchild of the royal family. Like your areola, I think you deserve a shot.


Too Cool for School said...


and, um, gay much?

Anonymous said...

thats easy to do you just put a candel under a cup and then put it on your skin. after i drink my white wines friday after work in the cafe i take my shirt and pants off and put the glasses all over then tell people to take then off and threaten them with murder if they dont.

Anonymous said...

if only he was partying with gwyneth -- then he could say that he was exploring ancient 'cupping' therapy - carolyn

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