Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No More Taxies

New York City taxi drivers are on strike today meaning that the cabs that are operating have had to carry multiple passengers at a time to pick up the slack. Which is how I randomly ended up sharing a taxi this morning with Soledad O’Brien, who actually does talk in the newscaster voice in real life, too (I’d always wondered).

The night before the strike, I was on my way home from a party and found myself in a cab with one of those TV sets installed in the backseat. Thus prompting the following drunken one-sided text exchange between me and my friend, Jessica:

Me (11:52 p.m.): Omg, I’m in a cab and there’s a TV in the back and it’s showing a special on local OTB restaurants!

Jessica: SILENCE

Me (11:53 p.m.): Like, a whole ASSEMBLAGE of eateries that offer Off Track Betting!

Jessica: SILENCE

Me (11:57 p.m.): We need to go. Immediately.

Jessica: SILENCE


The Cajun Boy said...

weird. i shared a cab this morning with miles o'brien, the other douchier half of cnn's o'brien team.

Jessica said...

I didn't even get your messages until this morning! And I was too hungover to even email you about it. But we're going out to dinner, oh yes.

Anonymous said...

Let me repeat myself:

Best. Blog. Ever.

Did you plug your blog to Soledad?