Thursday, September 06, 2007

Is It Douchey In Here Or Is It Justin Timberlake?

Nothing's douchier than indoor sunglasses and finger guns.

All right, I want to preface this post by saying that I actually really like Justin Timberlake. He's an incredible performer and any phoenix that can rise up from the ashes of tooldom the way he did (two words: denim tuxedo) deserves our utmost respect.
But he does have douchebag tendencies which is why I'm loving this genius compilation of JT's d'bag moments from his recent HBO FutureSex/LoveShow concert.

I actually have a bet going with one of my friends as to who can make it all the way through without being reduced to giggles. So far we've watched it 5 times and neither of us has even come close. I actually manage to hold it together until the part where he's doing the "sideways piano." Then a few seconds later he forgets himself, inexplicably lashes out at the guy in the befeathered fedora and it’s all over. (“Get that out my face!” he snaps.)

From the doofy expressions, to the self-congratulations, to the impaling of an innocent backup dancer, to the final curtsy (that’s right, curtsy), it's fun for the whole family. Go on, I dare you. If you can make it past the pantomime handjob 1:08 seconds in, you’re my personal hero.


jim treacher said...

In a box, out of a box... pretty much everywhere he goes, he's a dick. But yeah, "rising out of the ashes of tooldom" is about right. He hasn't come as far as Donnie Wahlberg, but then he still has all his hair.

Kellen Giuda said...
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Kristina said...

I'm your hero - I didn't giggle until he started talking about how awesome his job was.

He licks his lips like a lizard and it is quite disgusting. Off to watch dick in a box so he can redeem himself.