Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random Hot Dude From Our Favorite Childhood Chick Flicks: Where Are They Now


Ah yes. Johnny Lawrence, the captain of the fearsome Cobra Kai. His weak points include: High kicks to the face and his overall inability to put Daniel LaRusso in a body bag.

A total asshole, he would absolutely put his girlfriend's kitten in the microwave during a major argument. However, he also seems like he would make for a great hatefuck, which is why I'm including him in my roundup.

Zabka went on to star as That Asshole Rich Kid in several other movies throughout the 80s but could never find his footing on the beach stumps of Hollywood enough to make a career for himself beyond that. Case in point, he will next be seen in The Man in the Silo starring alongside Ernie "The Black Ghostbuster" Hudson.

But before you go thinking that our boy William is a one-trick pony, IMDb will have you know that he is an "accomplished singer/musician/songwriter," as is his brother Guy. He also has a sister named Judy. Hi Judy.


Too Cool for School said...

sorry but he'll forever be known as That Asshole Rich Kid...

saryn said...

hatefucks! a subject we must discuss. by the way, zabka has since starred (and maybe directed?) a music video called "sweep the leg" by the band No More Kings, and i heard a rumor he has a cameo in "Harold & Kumar 2." If you can't wait 'til that film's release, netflix "Just One of the Guys." as a good journalism student, i know you've seen it before... total classic.