Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random Hot Dude From Our Favorite Childhood (Sorta) Chick Flicks: Where Are They Now


Dammit Neil! Charlie Dalton changed his name to Nuwanda, took a collect call from God during assembly and then chose to suffer copious spankings from the principal rather than give up his fellow Dead Poets.

Sadly, Gale took his final bow in the entertainment industry playing "Security Guard" in 1998 in an episode of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. (Believe it!)

But he always looked like he could have dished out the spankings as well as he took them which is why he's earned a celebrated spot in my Random Hot Guy Pantheon.

He also seems like he'd take you to bed and totally make up for the fact that he has one of those unisex names that's become co-opted by the female sex to the point that it's no longer okay to give it to a dude anymore (see: Lindsey, Leslie).

Gale, I would totally stand on my desk and openly declare my love for you. I wouldn't even wait for Ethan Hawke to stand up first.

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Too Cool for School said...

for the record, my Teen Beat fav: Brian Bloom. Oh the dreamy eyes...