Sunday, August 19, 2007

Random Hot Dude From Our Favorite Childhood Chick Flicks: Where Are They Now


Way ahead of its time, The Cutting Edge paved the way for future athletic rom-com classics like Bring It On and Center Stage. Hockey player Doug swaggered into our lives with his boorish charm and his suspiciously full set of teeth after being sidelined by a peripheral-vision-affecting eye injury during the Olympics.

Lucky for Doug, a bitch figure skater (with a heart of gold!) named Kate needed a doubles partner and he found himself a second career on the ice.

Oh Doug. When you told Kate "Somewhere in all of this, I fell in love with you," I fell in love with you, too!!!

I don't care that you banged that impish redhead after she showed up at your hotel room when you were drunk, full of compliments on your sit spin. Nor do I care that your career is now mostly relegated to appearances on House, M.D., Jericho, or the 10th billing on a vaguely porny sounding film called Stilleto. You can put me in a Pamchenko Twist anytime.

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