Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hearting Mary Hart

I made my Entertainment Tonight debut yesterday, talking about Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn turning one-year-old. I have no idea how to upload from TIVO to YouTube, otherwise I would share this television watershed with you.

In lieu, I’m posting a photo of 25-year ET veteran and “American personality,” Mary Hart. She appears to be borderline molesting herself (and, really, who wouldn’t?). Also worth nothing is this picture on the ET website in which she has her arms crossed and a steely “Don’t even think about it, Jann Carl” glint in her eye.

Honestly, there's just no not loving a woman whose voice has been documented by The New England Journal of Medicine as causing epileptic seizures, is there? And kudos to Mary for not abusing this power because I sure would have.

Hart joined the show in 1982 where, according to her ET bio, “she continues to define entertainment journalism to this day.” That’s a little strong for a website whose top story today was titled "Sally Field: 'I Think I Look Like Dog Poop’” but I’ll let it go. Instead, I’m going to share some little known facts about Mary:

She endorsed L'eggs pantyhose in the late 1980s and has never worked barelegged.

She speaks Danish and Swedish fluently.

She was born at 5:54am-CST

Also, she actually does have a merry heart! I didn’t get that from IMDb, though. You can just tell these things.

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